петък, юли 8


A very hard question!

I was recently asked this very hard question by chiquita

Ich hörte, dass Lobsters Hobbies Fischen und Schwimmen sind. Kriegt er keine Erkältung? Wenn nicht: Ist das alles nicht ein bisschen langweilig auf die Dauer?

I have asked small pink lobster to assist. Any help here would greatly appreciated.

четвъртък, юли 7


Do lobsters make good pets?

A gentleman by the name of Albert wrote in, suggesting that Lobster Blogster might become his pet. The thought of it! This may well have answered the previous question about whether lobsters blush.

I came across a very interesting site which was dedicated to animated cats. There seems to be a big opening here for a similar site dedicated to animated lobsters. I have asked Crab Under a Rock to assist me in this task.

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